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Mohammed Ashi,

Life coach, motivational speaker.

Sales and marketing manager.

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Jonathan Choufany

"Very interesting topic. Proud to have attended and happy to have been a part of . Willing to participate in further sessions" - Jane.D

Mohammed Ashi

I deeply, highly appreciate you sharing all of this information with the outside world. I found everything I needed to know in this course, yet, I feel this urge to get more details, longer hours, even days (learning) more information.

- Maria.M

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Jonathan Choufany,

Body Language master, micro expressions trainer and instructor in lie detection

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About Us

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All Humans Decoded teachers are certified, rated and evaluated to ensure the best quality of delivery.

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Our Mission

We help protect individuals and companies from deception and its consequences, by helping them acquire basic understanding of human behavior.

Why Humans Decoded?

The world needs more understanding, empathy and protection. And the right knowledge will give us all the power of decoding humans' behavior to know how to reach more authentic human interactions.