Our Mission

We help protect individuals and companies from deception and its consequences, by helping them acquire basic understanding of human behavior.

This course is very interesting. I like the way the videos show clearly deceptive signs. It’s a nice and smooth way to deliver the message.

Imane A.S

The course was so helpful and interesting. It was presented in a clear manner... with videos which simplified the material and clarified the physical and word expressions. I enjoyed every minute of this course... everything was perfect: the material’s organization... the explanations...



  • Lie detection certification course
  • Body language advanced
  • Face reading / profiling
  • Emotional management
  • Presentation skills
What do we do?

We coach professionals to project more personal power, have higher impact and achieve better success using the body language code of success and accessing their own emotions in order to alter them to achieve better results and eventually a successful career.

We use the Emotional Management Method(EMM) that is the most transforming personal development method for business growth. 
Work with businessmen, HR specialists, law enforcement, actors, lawyers, sales representatives...

We read and interpret micro-expressions on people's faces, these are subtle and fast facial muscle contractions that occurs in a 1/2 a second or so and indicates the person's true feeling on a given moment.

About Us

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Why Humans Decoded?

The world needs more understanding, empathy and protection. And the right knowledge will give us all the power of decoding humans' behavior to know how to reach more authentic human interactions.

Our Instructors

All Humans Decoded teachers are certified, rated and evaluated to ensure the best quality of delivery.

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