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Did you know that?
People who become emotional in negotiations lose their 
advantage (Source: Wharton Business School).
Stress decreases your ability for creative thinking and can 
even cause blackouts (Source: various brain research).
By changing your attitude, you can change your thoughts... And 
this can be crucial because we have 60,000 thoughts per day and 
95% of them are the same as the day before.

Body Language & Facial Expressions training allows you to identify emotions that are not helpful. 
EMM helps you to transform these emotions and stress effectively from the inside-out.

Emotional Management Method will help you to:
 Reduce your level of stress and increase your energy level to find 
new inspiration and motivation at work
 Get more clarity about your decisions and goals to become more 
self-confident and achieve what you want
Boost your creativity and effectiveness at work to gain more profit 
and success.

Training outlines
I. 40+ Strategies to prevent and  manage stressful situations
II. Emotional management method to 
release inner stress and other negative emotions
III. Practice live exercises

Training Methods and Techniques:
Interactive training that includes role play, visuals,

live exercises and demonstrations.

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Why Humans Decoded?

The world needs more understanding, empathy and protection. And the right knowledge will give us all the power of decoding humans' behavior to know how to reach more authentic human interactions.

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We help protect individuals and companies from deception and its consequences, by helping them acquire basic understanding of human behavior.