Our Mission

We help protect individuals and companies from deception and its consequences, by helping them acquire basic understanding of human behavior.

Jonathan Choufany

Founder Of Humans Decoded Group

Mohammed Ashi
Jonathan Choufany

Mohammed Ali Ashi

Coach At Humans Decoded Group

Mohammed is a certified life coach, helping people to bring their best into their lives, achieving their life goals and succeeding in their relationships.

He's a motivational speaker and founder of "Motivation Pack",

a highly energetic group.

He's also a marketing and sales manager at "Humans Decoded Group". 

As a Body Language master, Jonathan has trained dozens of leaders on how to project more power with less words, build better rapport and assess truthfulness and credibility using the powerful skills of non-verbal communications.
Jonathan is also a certified "BLAST® Deception Expert", a certified master trainer in lie detection and a company representative for "Whetstone Security Group(USA)" in Lebanon.
He also provides emotional transformation using the "Emotional Management Method®" taught by Patryk and Kasia Wezowski in the "Center For Body Language"..
He teaches presentation power using the "Body Language code for success" for better interaction and public speaking.
Jonathan is also a public speaker and a representative for YASA for road safety international, promoting road safety awareness on TV, in schools, companies and military camps.

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Professional Training & Education


Why Humans Decoded?

The world needs more understanding, empathy and protection. And the right knowledge will give us all the power of decoding humans' behavior to know how to reach more authentic human interactions.

Our Instructors

All Humans Decoded teachers are certified, rated and evaluated to ensure the best quality of delivery.

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