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Our Mission

We help protect individuals and companies from deception and its consequences, by helping them acquire basic understanding of human behavior.


Lie Detection: A Liar's Nightmare!

Have you ever wanted to know every time people are lying to you?
Are you looking for a professional certification that can be used in any field?
Did you ever want to be a Professional Lie Detection Expert?


Through the 2 days-long course, we introduce you to a comprehensive range of lie-detection techniques to give you a strong base to become an expert in deception leakage and lie detection.

This complete 14-hour "Lie Detection Certification Course" allows attendees to become Certified BLAST™ Deception Experts. In addition, it incorporates advanced micro and mini-expression analysis, advanced deception concepts, and a variety of interview techniques.

So you'll learn more than 100+ deceptive signs in:
1- Body Language
2- Facial Micro Expressions
3- Statement Analysis
4- Voice Tone
5- Interrogation Skills

You will be able to spot over 100 proven body language indicators of deception. But, here is what is different about the BLAST™ method...We will teach you the accuracy of each of the indicators.

By becoming a professional lie detection expert, you go beyond spotting deception to building a sustainable foundation of trust, which in turn will strengthen your relationships, bolster your productivity, increase your confidence and ultimately give you a better work environment.

This unique program will give you a distinct professional edge over your co-workers, and help you lead a life relatively free of deceit and its harmful consequences.
This course is provided by Mr.Jonathan Choufany, Certified BLAST Deception Expert, Instructor in Lie Detection, Body Language Master, Micro Expressions Trainer, Certified Personologist as well as Certified Master Dangerous Demeanor Detector, Company Representative for "Whetstone Security Group" in Lebanon and Founder Of "Humans Decoded".
The attendees will be awarded final certificates from “Whetstone Security Group – USA” upon passing the certification exam.

Our Instructors

All Humans Decoded teachers are certified, rated and evaluated to ensure the best quality of delivery.

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Why Humans Decoded?

The world needs more understanding, empathy and protection. And the right knowledge will give us all the power of decoding humans' behavior to know how to reach more authentic human interactions.